What To Do When Expecting Movers

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What To Do When Expecting Movers

24 September 2018
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Moving your family and everything you own can be a headache. Professional movers, however, can take away some of the stress by transporting your belongings for you. If you have hired a professional moving company to relocate your items for you, there are some things you can do to make the entire process simple and easy for you, your family, and the movers. Check out what to do when you are expecting movers.

Don't Pack Prohibited Items

Unless you choose an all-inclusive move, you'll need to pack your own belongings. However, some items cannot legally be transported by professional movers, and some moving companies prohibit certain items to reduce their risk of financial loss from lawsuits, insurance claims, lost business, etc. In most cases, if an item is hazardous, the moving company won't move it. This typically includes items that are flammable, such as gasoline or fertilizer. For this reason, moving companies may also refuse to move houseplants. If you pack these items, the movers may be forced to repack everything, wasting time and money.

Keep Away Young Children and Pets

When the movers arrive, things can get busy fast, making it difficult to keep an eye on your kids and/or pets. This increases the risk of accidents, such as a child or pet getting hurt from a falling box. In addition, with the door open, it's easy for young children and pets to wander away without anyone noticing. Last, if you do have young children or pets running around, the movers are more likely to trip or drop something. Keep your pets contained in a separate room or outside, and consider asking a friend or family member to watch your child.  

Remove Items You Are Transporting Yourself

You can still transport some prohibited items yourself, such as a houseplant. In addition, there are many types of items you may want to keep with you. These include valuable jewelry, heirlooms, etc., as well as personal information like passports. If you have items you want to move yourself, remove them from the vicinity so they are not mistakenly loaded.

Sort and Group Boxes and Furniture

Sort and group the boxes and furniture the movers are loading so they know where they belong, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. With everything clearly grouped and marked, the movers can easily unload each box and piece of furniture in the appropriate room, such as the kitchen. This makes unpacking easier because the boxes and big furniture are already where you want them.

A move can be exciting and stressful, but with professional movers, you can rely on them to load, transport, and unload all the heavy boxes and furniture. This allows you to focus on other tasks to ensure the move is as smooth as possible. For more information about moving, contact a professional moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc. in your area today.