Storage Unit Services: What You Can And Can't Do

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Storage Unit Services: What You Can And Can't Do

10 October 2018
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Renting a storage unit is different from renting an apartment. You are not living in it, but you do have to keep the unit clean. You also cannot keep food and liquids in the storage unit. The following rules are some of the more common dos and don'ts for renting a storage unit and what you can and cannot do.


Freestanding shelving is okay. Shelving attached to the walls of your storage unit is probably not going to fly. Ask your storage unit landlord if you can install shelving. Better yet, find a landlord that already has shelving installed as a convenience for tenants. Then you do not have to worry about having strong, sturdy shelving in the storage unit, nor would have to ask permission to make sure it is okay with the landlord.

Overhead Storage

A lot of people want to store bicycles and the like from the ceiling of their storage units. You cannot do that unless the landlord has installed overhead storage shelving and/or racks that allow you to do that. If you really need that kind of storage because you have canoes, kayaks, bicycles, and other outdoor equipment you want to store that way, ask your landlord if it would be okay to install this kind of racking in your unit. Some landlords are pretty willing to allow such racking. They may even help you install it to be sure it is structurally sound and does not affect the overall structure of their storage units.

Moving Help

Sometimes moving a lot of stuff into storage, especially indoor storage, is a complicated thing. You have to hunt down somebody with a truck that is willing to help, or you have to rent a moving truck to move all of your stuff to the storage unit. Some storage facilities have their own moving trucks with trusted movers. You may want to consider using the movers and their truck instead, especially if the owner of the storage facility includes this service in the cost of the storage unit. Look for deals that offer free moving help in conjunction with renting a storage unit from the proprietor. 

When the Storage Unit Features Drive-Through

This is a rare feature, but one that is quickly gaining popularity. (You cannot drive through most other indoor storage unit facilities, so only do this if the feature is allowed and encouraged.) If you get an indoor storage unit in a facility that features drive-through and drop-off services, you can drive your vehicle through the alleys of the facility up to your unit to move things into the unit. 

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