4 Tips For Moving On Short Notice

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4 Tips For Moving On Short Notice

4 April 2019
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Moving is a big change in anyone's life, and it often comes with a lot of uncertainty. This can be exacerbated if you're suddenly forced to move on short notice. Here are four tips to take the stress out of the experience so you can move out of your home quickly and efficiently.

1. Ask your friends for help.

When you need to get out of your old apartment on a tight schedule, you probably can't do everything yourself. Enlist your friends to help you pack everything into boxes. In order to sweeten the deal, you might want to buy pizza and beverages for your friends. Playing music can make packing more fun. The goal is to keep everyone's spirits up so your friends will be willing to help in the future if you ever need to move again.

2. Hire professionals.

Landlords typically conduct move-out inspections before returning your security deposit. That means your apartment needs to be clean and free of damage. If you don't usually spend a lot of time cleaning, you might have your work cut out for you. Instead of spending valuable moving time scrubbing your baseboards and refrigerator, hire professional cleaners to scrub your apartment from top to bottom.

3. Rent a storage unit.

When you move without a new apartment lined up, you'll have to find somewhere to store your things. You probably won't be able to fit all your belongings in your car, so you should rent a storage unit from a local storage facility. Most storage facilities have vacancies year-round, so you'll be able to walk in and rent a unit on the same day. Self-storage facilities allow you to come and go as you please, which is perfect if you need to make several trips to get all your things out of your old apartment.

4. Take advantage of short term housing.

If you can find your dream rental right away, then by all means, move in. However, you most likely won't be able to find your ideal apartment right away. Don't rent just any apartment out of a sense of desperation, since you don't want to get stuck in a lease for a home you don't like. Instead, consider renting a hotel room to give yourself more time to search. If you have nearby friends or family who are willing to let you sleep on their couch for a week or two, you should take advantage of that opportunity.