Surviving A Long-Distance Move: 4 Tips

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Surviving A Long-Distance Move: 4 Tips

28 May 2019
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Moving across the country is an enormous undertaking that takes months to prepare for, and in some cases, months to fully recover from. If you want to survive the experience with your sanity and wits intact, you had best adhere to these tips.

1. Insure your possessions.

The further your stuff is traveling, the greater the chance that something could happen to it. If there is an accident or if a thief decides to prey on you, then you need to make sure your items are insured. Talk to the moving company you hire about their insurance policy. Make sure the value of the policy is greater than the estimated value of everything you own. If not, look for supplemental moving insurance plans; most homeowners' insurance companies offer them.

2. Get rid of extras.

What percentage of your things do you actually need or use? Most people have a lot of extras that they store and don't actually need. Get rid of these things prior to moving. Not only will this allow you to rent a smaller moving truck, which will keep costs down, but it will also reduce the amount of time you need to spend unpacking.

3. Give yourself wiggle room on the dates.

When you're moving so far away, even a slight hiccup in scheduling can result in you being a day or two late arriving at your new home. You do not want to be panicking that you won't arrive in time to start work, a new job, etc. So plan on arriving in your new home at least a week before you absolutely must be there. This way, if plans go awry, you won't be in trouble.

4. Keep things organized as you pack.

You might be tempted to rush through and pack things wherever they fit, but this will only make unpacking harder. And after you've traveled across the country, you will want the last step—unpacking—to be easy. Keep items organized as you pack, and label your boxes clearly. You might think you'll remember exactly what's in the box with pink tape, but after three days of navigating airports or busy highways, your memory probably won't stand a chance.

This is going to be the move of your lifetime, but it should only be memorable in a good way. With proper planning, insurance, and an organized packing scheme, you'll be set to go. For more information, contact a residential long distance moving company.